Soft Drink Filling Machine

Carbonated soft drinks (CSD) remain one of the world’s most valuable beverage categories, outsold only by bottled water. With constantly changing consumer demands, CSD production requires flexibility that still enables maximum output to allow for quick and effective launches of new CSD products. Full control and transparency are also essential, as consumers demand healthier, low-calorie CSD formats. Ongoing attention to improving and supporting your CSD line performance is part of our commitment.
Success in carbonated soft drinks (CSD) beverage production requires focus on flexibility and overall efficiency, with cost-effective and sustainable resource management and branding opportunities that deliver optimal results across your supply chain. Our unmatched expertise and technical knowledge of PET packaging help you achieve more.

Applicable Products:

Cola, soft drinks, gas soda, etc.

Suitable Container:

PET bottles of various shapes and capacities

Filling Mode:

Mechanical valve filling or electronic valve filling

Production Capacity:


5000 bottles/hour – 48000 bottles/hour