Hot Melt Labeler

Rotary Hot melt glue labeling series
Hot melt glue labeler has the following advantages, high precision, compact structure, refined installation, good stability, low glue consumption and low operating cost.

Technique features:
  • No grippers to transfer cut labels: this implies a higher speed, less mechanical parts, less wearing, a simple and easy cleaning and thus less costs for maintenance.
  • No slippage between label and transfer vacuum drum: the different label material parameters and the transfer vacuum drum surface quality do not affect the machine efficiency. The labelling process is thus less critical.
  • Static blade and rotary blades easy to tune: good cutting process and long life of blades.
  • Easy and quick maintenance and lubrication thanks to the high quality of components and materials used.
  • Machine designed in order to have the maximum accessibility for cleaning and debris removal purposes.
  • Quick bottle/label size changeovers
  • Color or customized coded changeover parts and accessories for an easy and quick identification.