Hot Filling Machine

Hot-filling technology can expand production and packaging opportunities for juices, nectars, soft drinks, and teas. No matter your beverage type, our unmatched expertise helps you achieve more with extensive technical knowledge and packaging capabilities.
A complete hot-fill line solution from Sinopack allows you to optimise performance and make more-informed decisions across the lifetime of your line. With everything centred around one supplier, you gain wide-ranging expertise, equipment and ongoing services to evaluate your entire project. This ensures high quality and efficiency from packaging to equipment, fast ramp-up and more.

Applicable Products:

Juices, tea drinks, functional drinks, milk drinks, etc.

Suitable Container:

PET bottles of various shapes and capacities

Filling Modes:

Contact filling or non-contact filling

Production Capacity:

5000 bottles/hour – 36000 bottles/hour